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Workout Wednesday – To the limit

6 Jan

“It takes balls to follow your dreams!”

“The best version of you is the one that believes in yourself!”

Workout Wednesday – It’ll work out

11 Nov

“Make sure you don’t accidentally impale your butt on the handles!”

I love the way that Zach pokes fun at motivational videos, with their stirring music and slogans.

Workout Wednesday – Ups and downs

28 Oct

Have you got your ‘workout old man mall shoes’?

“Remember, if you make it to the top, don’t look down on anyone as you were there once!”

Workout Wednesday – Back to school benchpress

21 Oct

It’s hard to pick a favourite quote from this video… perhaps it is “Don’t get overwhelmed by college reading – just think of it as ten thousand tweets in a row!” or “Just because you don’t make the track team, doesn’t mean you won’t make the knitting team!” I wish Zach made motivational signs for races – that would be so cool!

Workout Wednesday – Baby steps

14 Oct

Treadmill workout from Zach!

It’s better to be walking in the right direction than running in the wrong direction!

Workout Wednesday – Pull ups and pick me ups

7 Oct

I love the comedian Zach Anner, so I thought I’d share some of his Workout Wednesday videos.

Not only is this guy funny, he’s actually completely awesome. I can’t do pull ups, but I’m working on it!