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Workout Wednesday – Bouncing back!

23 Mar

“Instead of being down on yourself, look up to someone else!”

If Zach’s words haven’t motivated you (or at least made you laugh), maybe his actions have. There are various indoor trampoline parks in the UK:

Internationally, it’s worth checking out SkyZone.

I’d love to do a class at a trampoline park. Have you ever been a trampoline park?

Workout Wednesday – No need to be Gentile

9 Mar

It’s not really workout related, but I like this video by Zach Anner.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, just take away the key message of treating people as individuals 🙂

Workout Wednesday – Friendly competition

17 Feb

“Competition is basically a mental game – it’s really about pushing yourself to the limit. What would Bill Gates be without Steve Jobs? What would Steve Jobs be without Steve Wozniak? And what would Steve Wozniak be without a party sub?!”

Workout Wednesday – Polar vortex playtime

10 Feb

“You can’t just wait for your life to thaw out – you’ve got to shovel your own drive way… You can  make it happen… No avalanche is too great to get out of.”

“Remember: the best life is not the one where you just weather the storm, it’s the one where you actually enjoy it!”

Workout Wednesday – Your best shot

3 Feb

“You only get one shot, if you only take one shot”

“Sometimes your misses help you discover something new.”

“You may only make one shot out of 100, but there’s no way to make ’em unless you take ’em!”

…and if you don’t remember ‘Lose Yourself’, the Eminem track that Zach refers to, here it is:

Workout Wednesday – Knockout Wednesday

27 Jan

“The world will knock you down,  but you’ve gotta roll with the punches.”

“When life takes you by surprise, punch life in the face!”

Workout Wednesday – Splish splash

20 Jan

“Sometimes you can’t be graceful and successful at the same time” – some more wise words from Zach Anner.

“Remember: the best swimmers are the ones who just keep swimming and are the most determined…”

Workout Wednesday – To the limit

6 Jan

“It takes balls to follow your dreams!”

“The best version of you is the one that believes in yourself!”

Workout Wednesday – It’ll work out

11 Nov

“Make sure you don’t accidentally impale your butt on the handles!”

I love the way that Zach pokes fun at motivational videos, with their stirring music and slogans.

Workout Wednesday – Ups and downs

28 Oct

Have you got your ‘workout old man mall shoes’?

“Remember, if you make it to the top, don’t look down on anyone as you were there once!”