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How do you hydrate?

23 Nov

Ever since I was small, my favourite drink has been water. I’ve never been particularly partial to juice/squash/cordial, and would almost always prefer to drink water. However, when it’s cold or I’m starting to get hungry, I can be persuaded to have a hot chocolate. I also quite like jasmine tea and don’t mind Earl Grey tea, but I never drink coffee. I just can’t stand the smell of it. I’ve tried it many times over the years, but I just can’t see its appeal.

However, when I’m racing and training, I think it can be sensible to use electrolyte drinks. My best ever race result is when I completed Reading Half Marathon in 2012 – my finish time was 1:52:19, which was a PB of nearly 25 minutes! Before that race, I was given a free bottle of cherry lucozade sport which I drank about 40 minutes before the race started. I ran better than I had ever run before and I think the drink before the start may have had something to do with it.

When I’m cycling, I often struggle to replace fluids as I’m terrible at drinking whilst moving, but I’ve been practising all summer and now have enough control over my bike to drink whilst moving.

I’ve never bought any electrolyte tabs, but have a small stash of high five zero electrolyte tabs that I’ve received in goody bags at various cycling events. I’ve used them because I have them, rather than because I like them. To be  honest, the pink grapefruit flavour is OK, but I don’t like any of the others. If a brand bought out a lime cordial flavoured electrolyte tab, I might like that, but generally the citrus ones are not my favourite.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, the lovely people at nuun (pronounced ‘noon’) asked me if I’d like to try their product, and I leapt at the opportunity.

I was so excited when I got this parcel in the post:


Inside there was a bike bottle and three tubes:

  • Tropical
  • Tri-berry
  • Kona cola (caffeine-enhanced)


If you’ve been following my instagram account, you’ll have seen plenty of images from the last few weeks when I was trying them out.

nuun 1

21st September

nuun 2

24th September 10km run


28th September HOWSC triathlon preparation


26th October bike ride preparation

I also took the three tubes with me to the Embrace camps in Portugal. The tubes make the product easy to carry and they don’t take up a lot of room. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to try something new as I knew that I would be putting a lot of miles in.

So, what are my thoughts on each flavour?


TASTERS NOTES: “enjoy a balance between fruitiness and lightning-fast absorption. with its soft red/pink color, sweet nose, multilayered berry fruit and cherry flavour, tri-berry is the ideal choice for all of your distances”

Apparently this is nuun’s best-selling flavour. It’s possible to smell the berries and it has quite a sharp tang to it, whilst also being quite sweet. I found it tasty, but I think I would have preferred it if it had a stronger flavour of cherry. That being said, I like it quite a lot and am likely to buy it again in future. I drank a bottle of it after my recent half marathon and it definitely made a difference to my afternoon. I frequently end up dehydrated after long runs, which then gives me a headache, but drinking this helped to stave off the nasty after-effects of a long hard run.


blending mango, pineapple, and coconut flavours into a taste that is best enjoyed in a hammock on a sandy beach, this complex blend highlights each flavour in gentle, lapping waves that will take your taste buds on a refreshing trip and leave you in a sunny mood while you’re out on the go”

I think this may be a new flavour as there are not currently any reviews on the UK nuun website. The description makes it sound perfect for me – like pina colada with some of my favourite fruit (mango) added.

When I tried this, I found it difficult to distinguish between the different fruits. I could instantly detect the pineapple, but the flavour of the mango and the coconut didn’t come through for me. I thought this was pleasant enough, but it’s not a flavour that I’ll be rushing out to buy more of. There wasn’t quite enough aroma of coconut to make it appetising. In terms of doing its job, I think it did help me to keep myself fully hydrated.

Kona cola

TASTERS NOTES: “remarkably quenching yet ‘deceptively complex’ is how a member of the montrail ultra-running team described this flavour. elements of cinnamon, vanilla, clove and a gentle hint of ginger join an underlying cola theme to complete a flavour profile that is simply stunning. try at altitude on a tough trail or climb, or as a general hydrating pick-me-up”

This comes out as the clear winner for me. I’m not sure whether it’s because it has caffeine in it. When I’m getting towards the end of a long run, I quite often fantasise about stopping at the nearest pub for a class of ice-cold coke, and the flat coke that was served at Challenge Weymouth tasted like nectar from the gods. I liked the flavour of the Kona cola tabs, as it actually tastes like real cola. My husband agreed that the flavour was pleasant, but it was a little too sweet for him.

I found this one the easiest to drink. I finished every bottle that I made of it when I was out on long bike rides… I quite often return home with partially filled drink bottles, so this is a positive result for me.

As a final aside, I like the name… it contains that tiny element of fantasy that one day I might compete at Kona 😉

If you are interested in learning more about nuun, check them out:

UK website: http://www.nuun.co.uk/

USA website: http://www.nuun.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nuun (UK) or  https://twitter.com/nuunhydration (USA)

Instagram: http://instagram.com/nuunhydration

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nuununitedkingdom (UK) https://www.facebook.com/nuunhydration (USA)

What’s your favourite electrolyte drink?

Goodbye to Paphos!

22 Mar

Water is the theme of today’s IDEAfit photo a day image:

Early morning in Paphos

Early morning in Paphos

After another late night, I woke before 6am and decided that I might as well get up as I had plenty of things to do. I packed as many of my possessions as I could before putting on my running kit.

When I walked downstairs at 6:25am, I was struck by how beautiful the early morning light was, as well as by the silence of the hotel, which was virtually empty. Ariadne had been replaced on reception by an avuncular figure who said hello. I gave him my room key and glanced around to see whether Fiona or Mary had taken a seat by the window to wait for me. The receptionist asked whether he could help me, but I explained that I was just waiting for my friend. As I still had a few minutes, I chose to sit and look out at the view.

Shortly afterwards, Fiona appeared and as it was already 5 minutes after we had agreed to meet, we decided that Mary had opted out of our run. As we were walking down the steps to go outside, Fiona confessed that she had been very ill for most of the night and didn’t think that she felt able to run, so we agreed to go for a walk.

It was pleasantly cool as the sun had not been up for long and there was a barely perceptible breeze. We proceeded along the boardwalk to the steps down into the sea. The local people of all ages bathe here regularly. There seems to be a real camaraderie between them as well as a trustfulness – I was shocked that people had just left their mobile phones in full view on the benches.

We rounded the corner to where other people swim and sat on a bench for a while watching people. Then we walked a bit further for me to investigate where I might purchase some items that my family had requested, before heading back to the hotel.

It was only 7am, so I was sorely tempted to go out for a lovely run on my own, but I was conscious of how much packing I had to do, as well as the fact that I needed to wash, eat breakfast, check out and get into the conference room by 8:45am. I returned to my room, freshened up, put on my clothes (jeans and a thick cardigan – urgh!), did some packing and checked a few emails before heading down for another glorious breakfast. Jean and Mary were already there, but Fiona had decided that it would be wiser to get some rest in the hope of feeling better.

I started off with some mushrooms, beans, potatoes and bread, before having some fresh yoghurt with almonds and cinnamon sugar; finally, I rounded my meal off with a Danish pastry.

The conference sessions passed quickly, and soon it was coffee break time. I had the opportunity to speak to a few delegates, but there is just never enough time to speak to everyone you want to at such events. I realised that I wouldn’t be able to stay for all of the next presentation, so thought it would be politer not to disrupt proceedings part way through. Other delegates were leaving at the same time as me, so I headed into town with one of them to make a last minute purchase. I also had the opportunity to sample a delicious local ice cream – pistachio and gianduja. I was quite restrained and only had one scoop. We then hurried back to the hotel with just five minutes to wait before our taxi arrived. Then it was a short journey to the airport (and a 2 hour wait in the departure lounge), before boarding my flight.