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First long bike ride of the year

30 Mar

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image for the topic ‘Fun’. My idea of fun today was a 65.5km (40 mile) bike ride with friends 🙂

my new cycling kit

My gorgeous new Team SOAS cycling kit © Katherine Anteney

Recently training has felt very difficult and I haven’t enjoyed it, so it was nice to go out for a ride instead of running!

Jennifer soas

Jennifer is another of my fantastic Racing SOAS teammates

I’ve been just about managing to get on top of my emails (although I’m still working on finishing off the 20 blog post drafts that I’ve got!) One of the emails that I got yesterday was from RunKeeper:

New PB for running

New PB for running

I wasn’t aware that I’d done more running than usual, but I’ll take any running-related PB right now!

I also received this tweet a few days ago, and have responded to it, so am eagerly awaiting a delivery 🙂

Looking forward to trying something new

Looking forward to trying something new

I’ve also responded to this message that a friend posted on Facebook. What have I let myself in for?!

What have I let myself in for?

What have I let myself in for?

So, back to today’s activities – a long bike ride with ‘Bike Gang’. Some of the regulars were missing and there were some new additions, so today’s group consisted of: Roelie, Stuart, Katherine, Rob and I. We met at The Common and set off to complete a ride that we aborted a while back.

It was gorgeous weather and I was really pleased to be out. About half way around, we stopped for everyone to take on refreshments. I drank some of my water and had a blueberry Clif bar. It tasted delicious, but was very chewy!

rest stop

© Katherine Anteney

rest stop 2

© Katherine Anteney

The route was far more hilly than I had anticipated, and the downhills were very gravelly, so I wasn’t able to go as fast as I’d hoped, but when Katherine announced that we had done 40km and were on the home stretch, I realised that I had maintained a reasonable pace. My initial aim had been to keep an average of at least 20 km/h, but I realised that I ought to be able to average 21 km/h… then as we got closer to home, I wanted to make it 21.1 km/h as I like the idea of being able to cycle a half marathon in an hour. (Yes, I love geeky stats. We failed to beat the elite marathoners, though, as we took 2:05 to do 42.21km!)

When we got back to Southampton, we stopped at Sainsbury’s to buy some bread, cheese, hummus and bagels before heading to Katherine’s house for a feast in the garden. The weather had been surprisingly warm whilst we were out cycling and it wasn’t too bad when we were in the garden, although I had to put my arm-warmers back on.

post ride snack stop

© Katherine Anteney

After our refreshment stop, Stu and I cycled home where I was quite pleased with my stats for the day:

The stats

The stats

It was fantastic to get out on my bike and after I’ve recovered from Brighton Marathon, I’m looking forward to starting my training for Challenge Weymouth 70.3 (September). I’ve got a Sportive planned for the week after Brighton and then my first triathlon of the year is the weekend after that! Have you planned your races for this season?

Last long run before Brighton

29 Mar

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image to fit with the theme of ‘gratitude’.

Stu at Sprinkles Gelato

Stu at Sprinkles Gelato

I am so grateful that I’ve got the most amazing husband. We’ve lived together for almost 16 years and I still think he’s (almost) perfect. Plus he takes me on dates to the ice-cream parlour!

Stephanie soas

The perfect sentiment from Stephanie for today’s blog post.

I’ve been a bit negative recently, but I’m trying to turn that around. Several bloggers have mentioned Gretchen Ruben’s book ‘The Happiness Project’, so I used my birthday amazon vouchers from my brother and nephew to buy a copy. It’s full of interesting ideas that I’m trying to incorporate into my life to make me happier. It’s very easy to be negative, but there are many things that I should be grateful for: I’ve got a fantastic husband, a job that I challenges me and gives me lots of opportunities, plenty of friends, a comfortable home and even if I’m not 100%, I’m still well enough to participate in lots of activities that I enjoy.

So, what have I been up to today? I was meant to be Run Directing at parkrun, but I also wanted to get in my last long run before Brighton Marathon (10 miles), so Stuart kindly agreed to look after parkrun for me. I left my house at 7:15am and ran to meet Teri at 7:30am. We then set off for a trip around The Common and the Sports Centre, as we wanted to get in 11-12km before the start of parkrun.

I was quite excited about going for a run as it was my first chance to wear my brand new Team SOAS running kit. It looked a little chilly outside, but the sun was shining and once I’d got moving, it wasn’t too bad. Once we were on The Common, Teri and I decided to take some selfies to commemorate our last long run together before our marathons (Teri is doing London Marathon, which is the week after my marathon).

Teri and I on The Common

Teri and I on The Common

We then carried on with our run, enjoying the chance to chat (and grateful that we had given ourselves plenty of time to cover the distance). We managed to time our run fairly well, so that we didn’t have to hang around for too long before the start of parkrun.

Teri sped off for parkrun (completing it in 24:49, which isn’t a PB for her, but is an excellent time for someone who has already run 7 miles!) I just wanted to complete the run in 30 minutes, so I teamed up with Becky who is just coming back from a bad ankle injury. She clearly hasn’t lost any of her fitness as she was quite happy to chat to me on the way up the hills (when I was not breathing easily), and we were happy to finish in just over 29 minutes.

Wearing my new SOAS kit at parkrun

Wearing some of my new SOAS kit at parkrun

After the results from parkrun had been processed, Stu and I decided to make the most of the sunshine, so we went out into our garden to clean our bikes. I have to admit that I’ve never cleaned my hybrid bike (sorry, bike!), so it took a little while to remove all of the mud and I reckon it now weighs significantly less. (I take much more care of my road bike!) I ran out of chain cleaner before I’d finished scrubbing it clean, but it is now a hundred times better and should be easier to ride!

After all of the scrubbing, Stu and I decided to go into town to search for a few items, and then we headed to Sprinkles. Stu chose a waffle with Nutella, crushed oreos and banana; I chose a sundae with coconut and pistachio ice-creams and chocolate sauce. It was delicious!

Tomorrow, we’re intending to go on a 60km bike ride, so I’ll have the chance to use some more of my new Team SOAS kit 😀


27 Mar

Here is my IDEAfit photo a day image for March 27th: Fresh.

Fresh - the lovely healthy food in my fridge

Fresh – the lovely healthy food in my fridge

I toyed with the idea of joining the Lordshill social run this evening, but was so tired that I thought I’d be better off spending a bit of time organising at home and going to bed early. I decided that tidying up would help me to feel less stressed, so I didn’t spend much time online in the evening and managed to get to bed early. I’ve been told repeatedly that rest/recovery is as important as training, so for once I’m listening to others! Hopefully rest will make me feel fresh 🙂


My first visit to Brighton

26 Mar

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image:

Cherry blossom quote

Cherry blossom quote

The theme was quote. I saw this beautiful cherry blossom tree on my way to the station this morning and it looked so beautiful that I had to take a photograph. I decided to superimpose on it a quotation that emphasises the transcience of life and the importance of living in the moment. Too often I worry about the future, instead of focussing on today.

Anyway, today I needed to go to Brighton to present at a conference. I’ve wanted to go to Brighton for so long, but I was expecting my marathon visit to be my first visit.

The train journey was comfortable and uneventful and it was just a short walk from the station to the Brighton Centre. I didn’t get to see much of Brighton itself, but I did get to see the sea and the remains of the West Pier that was destroyed in a fire 11 years ago. The next time I’m here, I’ll be out running!


West Pier


25 Mar

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image:

Goal for 2014 - find an awesome brand to work with - done!

Goal for 2014 – find an awesome brand to work with – done!

The theme was goal. In January, I decided that I wanted to find an amazing brand to work with and was utterly astounded to find that I had been chosen to be a brand ambassador for SOAS. Today, I received a fantastic parcel of kit from them. It’s so awesome that it’s going to get its own post!!!

After the negativity of yesterday’s post, I was interested to read this article: Train to recover – Don’t recover to train. I’m interested in the idea of training opportunistically (i.e. doing the right workout for how I’m feeling, rather than because that’s what my training schedule says). I think that to often, my training schedule is focused on quantity rather than quality. As my University gym membership now includes free use of the running track, I’m hoping to get down there and do some quality speedwork (as soon as I’ve recovered from Brighton).

Although it was difficult to get up and get to the track this morning (apologies to Coach Ant for being late), it actually turned out to be a really motivational training session. We did 4×3 minutes and I managed to exceed my goal for each of those. I was aiming to do 596m and managed to get to between 620 and 670m for each rep. I also managed to get off to a really good start for each of the reps. I absolutely love the first 200m of each lap as I really love the feeling of sprinting. For nearly a minute I was able to keep up with the boys (who are better at pacing themselves!)

This evening I received a lovely motivational email from my coach, which has helped me to feel more positive about Brighton Marathon. Chrissie Wellington’s autobiography has made me realise that very few people experience perfect training, but that doesn’t mean that a race won’t go well. I’m not expecting a miracle, but as long as some spectators cheer me on, I’ll be OK 🙂 I’m then going to give myself a little break before I return to Run Camp with the aim of getting faster again.

A friend of mine shared the following information on Facebook today, so I decided to respond to it:

OWS research

OWS research

My husband has had his place confirmed and I’m hoping to hear back from them tomorrow.

I’ve also realised that yet another Tuesday has gone by where I’ve failed to #TWIET (Tweet What I Eat Tuesday). I’m being kind to myself this week and in the run up to Brighton Marathon, so I’m hoping to have a little more time at home, which will mean that I catch up with housework, emails and blogposts (or that’s the plan). Next week I want to resume #TWIET and also my Friday guest blog post – I’ve got a really amazing interview that I’m excited about sharing with you 🙂

Have you ever felt demotivated by your training? How did you pick yourself up and regain your love for the sport?

No more marathons

24 Mar

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image to go with the caption ‘style’:

Castelli Flamma jersey

Castelli Flamma jersey from Stuart

I thought this blog post from Girls Gone Sporty on ‘Reasons not to sign up for the next race’ was particularly apt for how I’m feeling now: http://www.girlsgonesporty.com/articles/fitness/reasons-not-to-sign-up-for-the-next-race/ 

Essentially, the arguments against signing up for a that are listed are:

  • Don’t run if your performance is suffering
  • Don’t run if you’re not feeling motivated
  • Avoid overtraining
  • Decide whether the race fits into your overall training strategy
  • Don’t run if you’re injured.

Right now, my performance are suffering, which is never motivational and I’m also running races that I don’t feel excited about entering – I’m doing them because I feel I have to. I don’t think I’m overtraining, but I have to remember that I’m a triathlete now and not just a runner, so I never have as much time as I used… and I’m working longer hours than I’m used to. I’m not injured, but I am still not feeling 100% after my illness, so racing probably isn’t helping me. As soon as Brighton Marathon is over with, I’ll be taking a break with plenty of sleep and some healthy food thrown in!

Today’s email from Brighton Marathon has told me that one of my idols, Paula Radcliffe, will be at the Expo… but on Saturday. I’d love to meet her, but I’ve planned to go to the Expo on Friday, so that I can rest on Saturday.

Anyway, I’ve managed to get some training in today. I cycled to and from work (as usual), and also made it to LRR training, although as I was coaching, I didn’t do an awful lot of running myself. That was just as well as I felt entirely exhausted. Then it was on to The Quays for my Tri Club swimming session.

I was nervous about swimming as I’ve had a lot of bad swims, but tonight was a good night. There were only three of us in the lane and the drills seemed to play to my strengths. We had a new warm up (200m front crawl, followed by 100m kicking) and then moved onto the main set. We had to swim 50m breathing every 3 strokes, followed by 50m breathing every 5 strokes. One of my lane mates commented on how difficult he found breathing every 5 strokes, so I commented that that’s how I usually breathe… unfortunately, that meant that Coach Peter made me breathe every 7 strokes. I was hyperventilating on every three strokes and then found I could do 25m of every 7, but then couldn’t quite get past 20m on the way back! This was followed by 25m kicking on our fronts, 25m kicking on our backs, 25m on our fronts and 25m on our backs. I’m not sure why, but I seem to find those drills relatively easy in relation to my lane mates, so I was able to have a nice breather at the end of each of them. After doing that a few times, we finished off our session with 400m front crawl, followed by 150m breast stroke, which is also a stroke that I enjoy. After not wanting to go out and train, it actually turned out to be a session that I loved (and was able to complete!)

Inspiration and Eastleigh 10k

23 Mar

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image:

Inspiration - Graeme and Kat

Inspiration – Graeme and Kat

The topic is ‘Inspiration’ and these two are some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. (N.B. The photo isn’t mine – I think it was taken by a member of the Embrace Sports team).

I’m also continuing the theme of sharing one of the Team SOAS Brand Ambassador’s images each day. Sue’s quote seemed particularly apt:

sue soas

I’m with fellow Brand Ambassador Sue on this one!

Talking about women and inspiration, I’m hoping that I’ll get to see this movie when it’s released: http://halftheroad.com/ It’s outrageous that in this day and age, such inequality still exists. The film features Chrissie Wellington, who is another inspirational figure for me. Whilst I was away, I read her autobiography (“A life without limits – a world champion’s journey“) and was blown away by her journey. She’s also a patron of GOTribal, so that’s a common link for us!

I’ve now got a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fatgirltoironman – please feel free to pop over there and follow me 🙂 I’ve been doing really badly at keeping up to date with my blog – I’m determined to get myself back on track, but if you want some brief updates, Facebook will let you know what’s happening!

Brighton marathon info

I’ve also realised that it’s now two weeks until Brighton Marathon. I feel more stressed about this marathon than any race I’ve ever done before. I guess this is for several reasons – my illness and workload mean that I’ve not managed to keep up with a good training schedule and I’m not feeling fit and healthy. I also don’t know anyone who is running at my pace, so I will have to do the whole 26.2 miles without chatting to anyone. Can I remain silent for 5 hours?! When I entered the race, I was feeling strong, so I’m in the blue corral with the 4:00-4:30 hour runners – I’ve only managed that time once and I was on form then! I’ve booked the Friday before Brighton Marathon off work, so that Stu and I can go to the marathon expo to pick up my race number (and maybe do a bit of shopping). I’m hoping it will give me a chance to relax before the race, so that I’m not rushing around doing everything on race day. It is possible to download an app to follow me – just search for ‘Brighton Marathon’.

Anyway, today’s big event was Eastleigh 10k, which I planned to follow up with a run home, so that I got my final long run as marathon preparation in. I arrived at Fleming Park leisure centre nice and early, which gave me a chance to pick up my number, chip and tshirt.

My Eastleigh 10k number

My Eastleigh 10k number

This year's 'vibrant' tshirt design

This year’s ‘vibrant’ tshirt design

The unflattering photo below shows that I wasn’t feeling particularly enthusiastic about the race.

Preparing for Eastleigh 10k

Preparing for Eastleigh 10k (Paul A. Hammond)

I pinned on my number, but then had a lot of time to kill before the start of the race.

Pinning on my Eastleigh number

Pinning on my Eastleigh number (Paul A. Hammond)

I aimed to complete the race in about 55 minutes. I think I did it in about 53:30 last year and it’s the race where I got my 10k PB of 51:06 back in 2012… one day I’m determined to get back to that!

I started the race with Teri and did about 3.5km with her, but it was quite warm and I didn’t want to hold her up. As it’s a local race, there were quite a few spectators who I recognised and conversely they recognised me. My favourite local photographer (Paul Hammond) was in attendance, so I blew him a kiss as I ran past.

Eastleigh 10k

Eastleigh 10k

At about 7km, I saw Luana, one of the ladies from my running club up ahead. I know that I run better when I have a challenge, so to make myself push I tried to catch up with her. I was starting to feel better as I’d been able to take on some water and also threw two cups over myself, so I was no longer over-heating. Eventually, I managed to catch up with Luana, but she wasn’t going to give up without a fight, so we ran almost 2km neck and neck. Finally, I was able to edge ahead as we made it to the last stretch of the course which is in the grounds of the leisure centre.

I wasn’t particularly pleased with my time as I came 1551st today in 55:48, but I don’t think this week’s travelling, unusual food and lack of sleep were ideal preparation for the race.

After the race, I met up with Teri, Luana, Steve, Sarah and Loraine who all wanted to extend their run. The images above show that it was a sunny day, and as I mentioned, I was worried about overheating. This all changed very swiftly on the way home, where we were pelted with hail – ouch! I was still wearing the same outfit (minus my race number), so I was absolutely freezing. Fortunately, the sun came out again, just after Loraine and Luana left us.

Long run after Eastleigh

Long run after Eastleigh

We headed up to The Common where we did a little circuit before heading past Teri’s house and down towards my home. I had intended to run 24km today, but I was feeling tired and the sky had turned black again, so I decided that the 22km that we had done when we got to my house would be enough. It was definitely the right decision as it hailed again. The hail stones were enormous and Teri and Steve had to find shelter as they were still running.

The rest of my day has been spent unpacking and recovering – I feel shattered by today’s race and although I’m disappointed with my performance, I know I put some effort in as my chest muscles are aching and it hurts to breathe, which only happens when I’ve been trying hard!

My final thought for today… If you’re interested in learning more about stretching, check the videos that my coach has made: http://www.runcamp.co.uk/stretching.html

Goodbye to Paphos!

22 Mar

Water is the theme of today’s IDEAfit photo a day image:

Early morning in Paphos

Early morning in Paphos

After another late night, I woke before 6am and decided that I might as well get up as I had plenty of things to do. I packed as many of my possessions as I could before putting on my running kit.

When I walked downstairs at 6:25am, I was struck by how beautiful the early morning light was, as well as by the silence of the hotel, which was virtually empty. Ariadne had been replaced on reception by an avuncular figure who said hello. I gave him my room key and glanced around to see whether Fiona or Mary had taken a seat by the window to wait for me. The receptionist asked whether he could help me, but I explained that I was just waiting for my friend. As I still had a few minutes, I chose to sit and look out at the view.

Shortly afterwards, Fiona appeared and as it was already 5 minutes after we had agreed to meet, we decided that Mary had opted out of our run. As we were walking down the steps to go outside, Fiona confessed that she had been very ill for most of the night and didn’t think that she felt able to run, so we agreed to go for a walk.

It was pleasantly cool as the sun had not been up for long and there was a barely perceptible breeze. We proceeded along the boardwalk to the steps down into the sea. The local people of all ages bathe here regularly. There seems to be a real camaraderie between them as well as a trustfulness – I was shocked that people had just left their mobile phones in full view on the benches.

We rounded the corner to where other people swim and sat on a bench for a while watching people. Then we walked a bit further for me to investigate where I might purchase some items that my family had requested, before heading back to the hotel.

It was only 7am, so I was sorely tempted to go out for a lovely run on my own, but I was conscious of how much packing I had to do, as well as the fact that I needed to wash, eat breakfast, check out and get into the conference room by 8:45am. I returned to my room, freshened up, put on my clothes (jeans and a thick cardigan – urgh!), did some packing and checked a few emails before heading down for another glorious breakfast. Jean and Mary were already there, but Fiona had decided that it would be wiser to get some rest in the hope of feeling better.

I started off with some mushrooms, beans, potatoes and bread, before having some fresh yoghurt with almonds and cinnamon sugar; finally, I rounded my meal off with a Danish pastry.

The conference sessions passed quickly, and soon it was coffee break time. I had the opportunity to speak to a few delegates, but there is just never enough time to speak to everyone you want to at such events. I realised that I wouldn’t be able to stay for all of the next presentation, so thought it would be politer not to disrupt proceedings part way through. Other delegates were leaving at the same time as me, so I headed into town with one of them to make a last minute purchase. I also had the opportunity to sample a delicious local ice cream – pistachio and gianduja. I was quite restrained and only had one scoop. We then hurried back to the hotel with just five minutes to wait before our taxi arrived. Then it was a short journey to the airport (and a 2 hour wait in the departure lounge), before boarding my flight.

iPads, Coffee and Cake – presentation day in Paphos, Cyprus

20 Mar

***20th March***

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image for the theme ‘Bold’ – it’s the brave female triathletes who I went on holiday with in November. Note that the lads weren’t brave enough to get into the pool!!!

An ice bath for the ladies

An ice bath for the ladies

I woke before my alarm went off at 6:30am, having had a disturbed night. I think I’m not used to the warmth of the room and lack of fresh air, but I thought it might be unsafe to sleep with the window open… if Stuart were here, I might have risked that!

After wasting a few minutes faffing around with gadgets, I got dressed and then answered a few emails before heading down to meet Fiona and Mary.

Morning sun

Morning sun

As the running had gone so well yesterday, we decided to up the effort level with 2 minutes of running followed by a minute of walking. This time Mary decided to come with us, so we headed out along the boardwalk to a point near the lighthouse, before heading back and passing the fort before going to the end of the pier. We then headed back having covered 4km. It might not sound like a lot for me, but it was a great effort by my colleagues. I’m hoping that once everything settles down at work, I’ll be able to go out with my group of beginners and get them all to feel comfortable and confident enough to do a 5k run.

Not sure it's meant to be at that angle!

Not sure it’s meant to be at that angle!

After running, we ate another luxurious breakfast before heading to the conference. I wasn’t nervous, but was acutely aware that we would have to give our presentation in the afternoon. The bar was raised by the Australian presenters who have some really amazing projects going on. Fortunately, there were some lovely treats to take our mind off things!

Cakes in Paphos

Cakes in Paphos

In the afternoon, Fiona and I gave our presentation. My presentation didn’t include as many academic references as some of the others, but I think it showed our enthusiasm for what we are doing and hopefully, people will read the accompanying paper to see the pedagogy behind it.

We were the final presentation of the day, so when we finished, it was time to go for a swim. There was quite a large group in the infinity pool when my colleagues arrived there and there also seemed to be a breeze, so we headed straight for the indoor pool by the spa. It may have been because I was not feeling invigorated by swimming outside, but it didn’t feel as warm as it had the previous day.

I alternated swimming a few lengths with chatting to my colleagues. We tried to estimate the length of the pool and think it was about 12m. It felt very strange to be able to swim the whole thing in 8-9 strokes… but it was probably good for me as I only needed to breathe at the end of each length.

As I didn’t feel that I’d really done enough hard training, I also made myself do a couple of tumble turns. I would have done more, but I forgot to bring my swimming cap and was afraid that I might force water into my ears, which would be very uncomfortable on the flight home!

After swimming, I headed up to my room for a shower (and a quick look at social media), before heading to the bar area to meet the other conference delegates. We were taken in a coach to a local tavern, which was a source of some anxiety for me. I am aware that there are some lovely Greek foods that are vegetarian (Greek salad with its feta and olives; hummus; pitta bread), but I wasn’t sure whether any of those would be available.

On arrival, my anxiety was heightened by seeing skewers of meat being cooked outside whilst the ‘chefs’ sat around smoking. We were also told about kleftiko lamb, and some of my colleagues chose to stay outside and watch the clay cooking pot being smashed open.

Fortunately, the tavern had been forewarned that there were a number of vegetarians in the party, so we were well catered for: Greek salad, olives, hummus, bread, vegetarian moussaka, carrots, kohl rabi, vegetable patties, cauliflower, mushrooms… the food just kept coming. Each time we thought we could eat no more, another platter arrived. There were also various dishes of lamb and chicken and some potatoes were also served.

When we had nearly finished eating, the entertainment started in the form of a group of four dancers (two male and two female) accompanied by a bouzouki player and a keyboardist. Sadly, our view was obscured by a large pillar, but we saw enough to appreciate what they were doing.

Bazouki player

Bouzouki player

Greek dancers

Greek dancers

Eventually, dessert was served – a platter of fresh fruit, followed by some pastries filled with sweet cheese and cinnamon… and a terrifying spirit called zivania.

By that stage, we were ready to go home, but we were told that the coach would not come until 11pm. It was such a relief when we got back to the hotel and I was able to get to bed!

Disappointed by the infinity pool

20 Mar

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image for Spring:

Flower buds always make me think of spring

Flower buds always make me think of spring

Thursday was my first full day in Paphos and I was up bright and early, ready to go out for a run with Fiona.

Selfie before my first run in Paphos

Selfie before my first run in Paphos

I was excited about the good weather and the opportunity to explore… and was also enjoying the fact that there was no pressure on me to run fast as Fiona hasn’t run for a little while.

Mary decide to join us as she is also a keen runner, but she had to be back at the hotel earlier than us as her presentation was scheduled for the morning.

We started out by running for 1 minute before walking for a minute, but Fiona felt that she could push a bit harder, so we ran for 1:30 before walking for a minute. By the time that we reached the end of the marina, Mary had to turn around, but Fiona and I wanted to carry on along the coast path for a little bit. I thought that we could head to the lighthouse and jog around it, but I hadn’t realised that it was in a fenced off area. It looked beautiful in the morning sun, so we stopped for some photos:

First run in Paphos

First run in Paphos

To the Lighthouse...

To the Lighthouse…

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

The path narrowed, so Fiona and I decided to head back around on a path that seemed to be parallel to the marina. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get that right, but ended up running further inland, where we saw some interesting buildings including this attractive church.

A local church

A local church

It was getting hot and Fiona was starting to flag as we had covered 6km when our hotel came into view. For someone who hasn’t run for a while, I think she did brilliantly.

As we entered the hotel from a gate that we were unfamiliar with, we decided to explore the grounds and find the infinity pool that we had seen on the website. When we located it, we felt terribly disappointed as it only seemed to be knee-deep and had some algae in it – definitely not the luxurious pool that we had been anticipating.

The infinity pool?

The infinity pool?

Another selfie!

Another selfie!

We headed back to the main pool area in front of the hotel and stopped for a stretch.



Then we decided to get some breakfast to eat outside in the sun, before heading back to our rooms to shower and change. The food that was on offer was delicious. I had some Greek yoghurt with peaches, kiwi fruit, dates and almonds.

Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

After that, we had a day of work, which was punctuated by tea-breaks in the sunshine.



Then when the conference had finished, our colleagues pointed out that we had simply found a water feature and not the infinity pool. The real pool was stunning!

The real infinity pool

The real infinity pool

My work colleagues

My work colleagues

We headed back to our rooms to change before trying the pool out. It wasn’t heated, so I didn’t stay too long before heading to the indoor pool. By the time we had finished swimming, the sun was setting and looked amazing.



My first full day in Cyprus was very busy, but extremely enjoyable. I’d love to go back there for a holiday at some stage.