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Cycling with a legend

15 Sep

I was feeling too tired to go to the track this evening, which is frustrating as I haven’t done very much exercise this week. I’ve also realised that I may not be able to do parkrun on Saturday as I need to be at an antenatal class by 10am and the others might not appreciate it if I turn up a bit late (and sweaty!) However, I am still considering whether it’s possible to squeeze in Netley Abbey parkrun (which is the run nearest to the class).

I’ve got Friday and Monday off work as I need to use up my annual leave before I go on maternity leave. There’s loads of housework and decorating that needs to get done, but I think it’s only reasonable that I have a little time for myself. I saw the following advert and couldn’t resist signing myself up:
Cycle with Dani King

I’ve not done a lot of cycling recently, but I do still tackle some great hills on the way to and from work, so I’m hoping that I have plenty of energy for this ride. It’s downhill from my house to Fleming Park, but I hope that the post-ride refreshments will give me enough energy to cycle home from the ride as there’s a big hill to get up!

There are still places left on this ride, so if you’re near to Eastleigh (Hampshire, UK) and are female, why not book a place?


Monday Morning Motivation – We are the superhumans

8 Aug

I absolutely love this advert for the Paralympics. I’m also impressed that it doesn’t only feature British athletes – here’s a list of the featured athletes:

  • Hannah Cockcroft – ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Racer (00:32)
  • Mel Nicholls – ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Racer (00:34)
  • Joren Teeuwen – Netherlands Paralympics High Jumper (00:37)
  • Matt Stutzman – USParalympics Archer (00:49)
  • ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Rugby Team (1:00 & 2:24)
  • Iaroslav Semenenko – Ukrainian Paralympic Swimmer – (1:26)
  • Richard Whitehead – ParalympicsGB Athlete (1:27 & 2:09)
  • ParalympicsGB Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team (1:32)
  • Piers Gilliver and Dimitri Coutya – ParalympicsGB Fencers (1.35 & 2:11)
  • Ellie Simmonds – ParalympicsGB Swimmer (1:54)
  • Libby Clegg – ParalympicsGB Sprinter (1:55)
  • Sam Ruddock – ParalympicsGB Shot Put (1:56)
  • Jody Cundy – Paralympics GB Cyclist (1:57)
  • David Weir – ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Racer (1:57)
  • Will Bayley and Kim Daybell – ParalympicsGB Table Tennis (2:07)
  • Jessica Jane Applegate – ParalympicsGB Swimmer (2:10)
  • Ali Jawad – ParalympicsGB Powerlifter (2:11)
  • Natalie Blake – ParalmypicsGB Powerlifter (2:11)
  • Micky Yule – ParalympicsGB Powerlifter (2:12)
  • Chris Skelley and Jack Hodgson – ParalympicsGB Judokas (2.30)

Advert transcript:

Yes, I can, suddenly
Yes, I can
“gee, I’m afraid to go on”
Has turned into, “Yes, I can”
Take a look, what do you see?
133 lbs of confidence, me
Got the feeling I can do anything
Yes, I can
Something that sings in my blood
Is telling me
Yes, I can
I was born today
I can go all the way
Yes I can (x14)
Hey! Yes, I can!
No. You can’t
Yes, I can!
Are you ready?
I can climb Everest
Yes, I can
I can fight here all night
And never rest
Yes, I can
I was born today
I can go all the way

Are you looking forward to the Olympics and Paralympics? What are you most looking forward to?

Monday Morning Motivation: Candace Hill

22 Feb

It’s a few months old now, but this video shows why Candace Hill is one to watch for the future:

Candace turned 17 just a couple of weeks ago, but in June 2015, she became the first high school aged female to break the 11 second barrier for 100 metres on the track. This result (and her great performance at 200m the following month) mean that she now holds the world youth best times for 100m and 200m. It’s also sobering to think that her time of 10.98 would have been fast enough to win the gold medal at every Olympics prior to 1984!

In December 2015, Candace turned professional with a 10 year contract with Asics, but she’s still studying hard and maintaining a 4.9 GPA (impressively high!)

Candace Hill

© Steve Strother/ MyTrackPix

Candace only started running competitively 4 years ago, which is one of the many reasons why her current form is so impressive. To read more about her story, read this article:

16-Year-Old Sprints Right Into Professional Track

Time to waste? Check these out…

27 Apr

I’m really struggling with hayfever at the moment, which isn’t making my life easy. I’ve been going to bed at a reasonable time, but am struggling to breathe, so when the wheezing gets too bad, I end up getting up as I can breathe more easily when I’m in an upright position. This means that I usually end up downstairs on my laptop with a steaming hot drink (and my inhaler) in the early hours of the morning. Lack of sleep is not helping my recovery and training, but it has given me some time just to browse online.

If you’ve got some time to waste, you might want to check out these podcasts from BBC World Service Sporting Witness:

Thanks to Steve Johnson for pointing me in the direction of this series 🙂

These articles are also worth reading.