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Meeting the nutritionist

28 Mar

I didn’t exercise yesterday as I hurt my knee at RunCamp, instead I worked from home and tried not to move about too much. However, this morning I made myself cycle to work and tried not to eat too many bad snacks before seeing the nutritionist at 4:30pm.

Results from the nutritionist were quite surprising. It turns out that my diet isn’t too bad after all, which is good to hear, but I was hoping that there would be a life-changing revelation! I take in far more than the reference nutrient intake of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Calcium , which is good, but also 126% of RNI of Sodium, so I need to watch out for salt in the food that I eat. My protein intake is what it should be. My fat intake (saturated and trans) is far lower than recommended. Apparently, it may do me good to eat more fat as it helps to  make people feel full.

There were four recommendations from the nutritionist, that I will try to follow:

  • Increase energy intake (by adding seeds to my salads). I’m wondering whether adding tofu to my salad would have the same effect.
  • Reduce sodium. I will try to make more of my own sauces instead of relying on jars. This will require me to be more organised. Whilst I am off work over Easter, I will try to make some food and freeze it.
  • Keep mineral intake as it is. I’m happy eating fruit and veg, so that’s fine 🙂
  • Consider timing of food as well as type. It was suggested that I could have a banana and yoghurt or chocolate milk after training – I will try to remember this.

Unbelievably, my waist to hip ratio is good at 0.78 🙂 I was told that my BMI of 25 is healthy, however, most charts suggest that I fall into the ‘overweight’ category. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get a body fat analysis as the equipment was not working. This was frustrating as it would be nice to have some indication, so that I can work on reducing it. I suspect that I’ll be in the average category, although the size of my thighs might make me in the obese category 😦

Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart1 Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart: How Lean Should You Be?

My blood pressure was surprisingly high: 104/60. I’m not suggesting that this is high BP, but for someone who is used to 90/50 it is quite high. It still falls in the low-healthy range, which is good.

I have an average fluid intake of over 3 litres per day, but it was suggested that I may want to drink more when exercising. I should probably take water in the car with me when I drive to training.

I guess the biggest decision I have to make is whether to continue paying for Weight Watchers. If I feel accountable and track what I eat then I know that I behave better, but I have been very slack at tracking recently and have also struggled to find the time to plan. This is something that I must tackle.

After the assessment, I met Stuart and went for a swim. The water felt surprisingly cold, which meant that I found it hard to get started, and also the pool was busier than I am used to. I did a few lengths of front crawl, breathing on every fifth stroke, which went quite well, but Stu was surprised by how breathless I was at the end of each length as he swims effortlessly. He only has to breathe two or three times in a length!!! We raced a few lengths, but even with 10-15 second head start, Stuart still won… my only victory was when he was impeded by other swimmers.

I should have gone to Weight Watchers, but because of spending too long at the pool, I didn’t make it… and then I ruined the day by feasting on Lynda’s home-made cookies at a committee meeting. I wish people wouldn’t tempt me!!!

Salisbury 10 Mile

17 Mar

At the moment, I’m really struggling to find time to write this blog, but maybe that’s a good thing as it means that I’m busy organising my life and training.

The key event for me at the weekend was Salisbury 10 – a local 10 mile race that is part of the Hampshire Road Race League. 10 miles is the only distance that I didn’t get a PB at last year, so I was determined that I was going to do well. I started out strong and managed to do the first two kilometres at 4:53 pace. I also managed a cadence of 96 for the second km and my average cadence for the race was 92. I knew I was doing well when I hit the 3 mile marker in 25:07 (my 5k PB is 25:08) and I achieved a PB when I reached the 5 mile marker in 43:07… However, I also knew at that point that there was no way that I would match up to Irene’s amazing 84 minute run last year.

Salisbury 10 mile race number

Salisbury 10 mile race number

I pushed on, but as usual, a negative split was unlikely. At about 8.5 miles the runner that i passed earlier in the race went past me, but I didn’t want to quit. As I was heading towards the athletics track, where the race finishes, I saw Stu, Rikki and Dean running towards me. I threw them my gloves and carried on running. I caught up with the other club runner as we went onto the track and decided to make a last ditch effort to sprint. She cheered me on in a sportsmanlike way and I managed to sprint about 100m before reverting to my distance runner’s shuffle. As I crossed the line I checked my watch: 1:27:44, a 1:15 PB. Not quite as good as I’d hoped for, but I’ll settle for that!

On Monday evening, I was expecting to lead a sprint session with Irene and Group B. Unfortunately, the extreme cold weather (it snowed all day) meant that very few people turned up to training. Three ladies were dithering about rejoining Group B, but in the end we decided to join Group A* with Mike and do a warm up before breaking down the 5k parkrun route into manageable sections and to discuss strategies for tackling them. This worked out well and meant that no-one ended up standing around for too long getting cold.

Straight afterwards was a Run Leader meeting followed by a Coaching Management Team meeting, so it was after 10pm when I got home and I ended up going to bed late. I really must make more of an effort to get to bed early.

It was hard work getting up yesterday morning and we ended up being late for Run Camp. The warm up was quite brisk and then Stu, Jenny, Rosie and I moved over to the usual path for some activities. We were focussing on the width of our stride, which was very odd as it meant that I was purposely running with my feet further apart than usual. It felt very unnatural. We also did some more hopping over hurdles, but as my right leg still wasn’t quite right, I sat out of some of them. (Well, I just ran past them).

Yesterday evening was a rest evening, so I did lots of organising. I decided to try to use up some of the food that is in the fridge. I’ve also signed up for an appointment with a nutritionist on 27th March, so I need to keep a food diary for the next week. I know that food diaries are usually thought to be inaccurate as people under-report what they eat, but I know mine will be accurate as I cannot lie. As a consequence, I am likely to eat well this week and hope that it will get me back on track for Paris Marathon.