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Finally back to some training

19 May

On Saturday morning, I volunteered at parkrun as I’m still not ready to run again, but later on, I decided to risk getting back on my bike. Teri was kind enough to be my escort for a sedate ride. We covered about 10 miles in an hour, so I definitely wasn’t fast, but at least I was back on my road bike. I was nervous on every gentle decline that we went on and my arm was very tired afterwards, but at least I got out there and did something!

Bike ride with Teri

Bike ride with Teri

In the afternoon, I went to see a sports therapist. I was hoping for a massage that would ease all of my tired limbs, but after the therapist had a look at my arm, she spent nearly an hour working on it. Unfortunately, the diagnosis wasn’t quite what I’d been hoping for. She was shocked at the extent of the torn ligaments and said that she thinks I should take it really easy for another couple of weeks, otherwise I risk making it much worse 😦

On Sunday morning, many of my friends were doing Netley 10k. I wanted to watch them, but I also wanted to see whether I was still able to run, so I headed over to Weston Shore to do my workout before going to watch the race.

Weston Shore

Weston Shore

It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately, I left it a bit late and found it very warm. I did a 15 minute warm up and then had to do ten 2 minute long hill reps. It was a tough session and I don’t think I picked the right location for it, as the hill wasn’t really long enough. When I finished the session, I had a 15 minute warm down jog. I think I stared the intervals quite well, but by the time I’d done 3, my arm was starting to hurt and I was unable to use it. I also got a blister from my trainers for the first time ever. I don’t really know what caused it.

After the running session, I was going to jog from my car to the race, but I was really struggling to breathe, so I used my inhaler and then decided to drive closer.

I saw quite a few friends running in the race and was glad that I wasn’t taking part with them as it looked very hot and many of my friends achieved times that were 2/3 minutes slower than they had expected.

After the race, we had a picnic and enjoyed the sun.

IMG_2863 IMG_2865 IMG_2868 IMG_2870

Tonight, I should have been doing an hour in the pool, but my arm is really hurting and I can’t do front crawl movements, so I didn’t swim. It is soooooo frustrating!