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Tracking and track-ing

10 Jun

Today has been a really beautiful sunny day, so I’ve made the most of it. This morning, I had to cycle down to the Oceanography Centre for work (which was exciting as I got to see some really cool stuff linked with a work project), but the real bonus was that I then had to cycle all of the way across the city at about 11:30am, so I got to enjoy some of the sunshine.

I’ve also been #TWIETing today:


Chocolate brownie porridge

Chocolate brownie porridge

Oats, raisins, cocoa powder and almonds (there were no walnuts in the cupboard!)


Salad with carrots, spring onions (scallions), spinach, lettuce, radish, tomatoes and hummus.

Salad with carrots, spring onions (scallions), spinach, lettuce, radish, tomatoes and hummus.

An apple (with my brand new apple!)

An apple (with my brand new apple!)


No photos, but a sharon fruit/persimmon and some toast.


Vegetable stirfry with tofu and a peanut sauce

Vegetable stir fry with tofu and a peanut sauce

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for an entire week now and am into the final couple of weeks of my WW membership, so I went along tonight for my Weigh In. The tracking has obviously helped me as I’ve lost 2.5lbs 🙂 I hope I can maintain my momentum as I’m back under 11 stone again – I’m 10st 12lbs (152lbs)… only 26lbs to lose, how hard can that be? 😉

So, from tracking to track-ing… This evening, I went along to the first Tri Club track session. I quite enjoy running at the track, and it doesn’t cost me anything, which is great. I also thought that it would help to mix up my training and I might meet some new people. Finally, I’ve grumbled a bit before that my Tri Club mainly functions as a swimming club, with a few rides organised (at times, locations and paces that don’t suit me) and absolutely no running, so I felt that I should support this endeavour.

A mix of people from Tri Club turned up, but I recognised most of them which was good. I was definitely at the back of the pack, but I hadn’t really expected anything else. Also, an advantage of track running is that you’re never far from the other runners and after a while it’s hard to know what lap anyone is on!

The track was very busy when we arrived, so we went for a 1 mile warm up outside of the track. Then, on our return, we did some drills, including high knees, butt flicks and fast feet. Then it was on to the main set 6x600m. We were meant to be doing them at 5k pace, but I went out at what Steve Prefontaine would refer to as ‘suicide pace’, which wasn’t wise and I paid for it later. How on earth did I think I could maintain 3:19/km?!! I averaged 5:12/km for the entire set, which is faster than my current 5k pace, but I know the last couple were very slow… and I want to see all of them start with a 4! Overall, I really enjoyed being at the track, but I think I need to push myself harder.

Do you like track running? Is it something that is readily available for you to do? (It costs £3+ per session here).


My longest ever swim: 2km!

5 Jun

Today’s training consisted of a Run Camp session and a swim, with a bit of cycling thrown in to make it a full triathlon day.

I woke early at 5:30am, but that seemed like an indecent time to start the day, so I closed my eyes again until the alarm went off at 6am. After a bit of faffing around, I managed to leave the house at 6:17… which wasn’t early enough for me to arrive on time, so my warm up consisted of my run from my car to the track. I won’t go into the session in detail, but it involved a good mix of running and exercises. unfortunately, I had to bow out of some of the mountain climbers that we were set as I was feeling very light-headed. However, I didn’t get extra rest time, I had to do planks instead. I’ve missed Run Camp and was really pleased that I got to go along this morning as it’s such a sociable group.

At lunchtime, I headed over to the University pool for another workout set by Coach Ant:

  • 4-6 x 50m getting faster on each 50m
  • 12x25m as 25m Drill, 25m swim, 25m drill, 25m pull. Repeat three times.
  • 2x400m
  • 12×25 fast
  • 200m cool down


My swim workout

My swim workout

Technically, that’s 1900m, but I couldn’t resist doing another 100m to reach 2k as I’ve never swum that far before. I think I swam 2050m, but my Garmin didn’t record the two lengths that I did as kicking drills. It felt quite tough, but my shoulder is feeling a lot better now and my stroke count was close to what I would expect it to be.

My time for 2000m

My time for 2000m – it didn’t clock 25m!

I had been worried about the swim part of Challenge Weymouth, but I’ve got over 3 months of training left to do, so maybe it’ll be OK!

PB for swimming

It’s great to receive a notification like this one from RunKeeper

I also tracked all of my food intake today using MyFitnessPal 🙂 I’m getting used to how the app works and am hoping that it will help me to achieve my diet goals. I’m now adding in my own calorie data from my Garmin for exercise as I figure that it’s more accurate than what is in MFP, but it’s still not entirely accurate.

If you use MyFitnessPal, do you add in your exercise?

#TWIETing again and a training ride

3 Jun

It’s been a while since I #TWIETed (Tweet What I Eat Tuesday), but I thought that returning to it might help to get my eating back on track. Quite a few people have recommended using MyFitnessPal to me, but it’s refusing to log me in on my phone at the moment, and I don’t have enough free time to sort it out… maybe this weekend!

Twitter posts TWIET

Overall, it doesn’t look like my food intake was too bad today. I guess that the ShotBloks might have been unnecessary, but I found them in my bike bag when I was starting to feel peckish!

Do you use any apps to help track your food intake?

I went to Weight Watchers this evening. I’m no longer paying for it, but my membership doesn’t expire until towards the end of the month, so I figured that I might as well go along. The good news was that I haven’t put on any weight since before I went on holiday – the bad news is that I’m still fat! In my dreams, I’d like to lose 2 stone (28lbs) before doing Challenge Weymouth – in reality, 24lbs is the most I could hope to lose and 16lbs is an even more realistic goal. I just hope that I can maintain my motivation as I know that it’s a lot easier to exercise when I weigh less.

This evening, I had to do a ‘hilly loop session’. I needed to find a hill that would take 2-3 minutes to complete, but I went to the wrong location, and the hill I found took me 6 minutes to complete. It wasn’t very steep, but as I’m still really nervous about cycling downhill, it was quite good for me.

The really exciting part about tonight was that I got to ride my new ‘pink peacock’ SOAS trikit. I had hoped that I would receive it as a Christmas present, so I’m really happy that I now own. I’m delighted to report that it’s just as comfortable as my team kit 😀

IMG_3067 IMG_3069