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What are your goals and dreams?

29 Dec

I think the name of my blog clearly explains my goal:

Fat Girl to Ironman

I am planning to complete an iron distance triathlon… and am still hoping to lose a few more pounds along the way.


I also have many dreams – they’re not quite goals yet as I haven’t planned how I am going to achieve them.

  • I want to continue to inspire other people to lead fit and healthy lives.
  • I want to remain part of the SOAS Team as it’s an empowering group of women (and the tagline ‘Fashion. Fit. Function.’ is a really accurate description as they’re gorgeous, cut to fit real women and really comfortable).
  • I want to improve my bike skills and cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats.
  • I’d love to travel the world with my wonderful husband

What are your goals and dreams?

Monday Morning Motivation – 20 Tiny thoughts crushing your biggest dreams

30 Jun

20 Tiny thoughts crushing your biggest dreams is one of the most inspirational blogposts that I’ve read recently. When I was at an Embrace Sports triathlon training camp last year, one of the thoughts that Graeme shared with me was not to allow my races be dominated by my own self-limiting beliefs. In the aforementioned blog post, March Chernoff emphasises the importance of changing your thinking to achieve the results that you want. I urge you to read the whole blogpost, but if you haven’t got time, some of the highlights include the following 10 bulletpoints (the comments are my own):

  1. “My dreams and goals can wait.”
    Why postpone your happiness until tomorrow? Will you ever achieve your goals, if you postpone them?
  2. “I don’t have time.”
    It is almost always possible to make time for the things that really matter for you, so the real question is whether you actually want to have time for something.
  3. “I’m not talented enough.”
    At some stage, I’m going to write a post about ‘Bounce’ – a book that suggests talent does not exist and that success is actually down to hard work and practise. You need to be persistent to achieve your goals.
  4.  “This problem is too big to solve.”
    Chernoff argues that you need to avoid over-thinking problems. I agree that that may be true in some circumstances; however, on other occasions, I think it may just be important to break a problem down into smaller parts.
  5. “I’m not ready yet.”
    Seize the moment as you may never get a second chance!
  6. “I knew I wasn’t good enough.”
    There may be a reason why some things don’t work. Sometimes, it is necessary to reassess your goals and decide whether you want to continue with them.
  7. “I’m a failure.”
    The more times you fail, the closer you are to success – everything takes practice.
  8.  “They have it so much easier than me.”
    Chernoff points out that everyone has battles to contend with, it’s just that some people deal with them privately.
  9. “I have nothing to be thankful for.”
    It’s important to remain positive. Be thankful for what you have and consider how much worse your situation could be.
  10. “They don’t have what it takes either.”
    Chernoff points out that it is important to encourage and support others, rather than criticising them. Cheer for people and help to empower them, as one day you may be grateful of their support.