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Monday Morning Motivation – Mike Julien

15 Dec
Mike Julien

Mike Julien ©ironman.com

This week’s motivation is the inspirational story of Mike Julien who has battled cancer and completed an iron distance. Sadly, his triathlon days are now behind him, but that hasn’t stopped him – he has now moved on to running ultras. What an amazing guy!

This first article tells of Mike completing his first ironman after being diagnosed with cancer: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon-news/articles/2013/07/mike-julien.aspx#axzz362Rns08q

The second article is more recent and cover’s Mike’s story up until June 2014: http://www.triradar.com/triathlon-features/triathlon-inspiration-mike-julien/

I think Mike’s story reminds us of two things: firstly, don’t ignore niggles, get them checked out, and secondly, if someone with Mike’s health problems can continue to train, what excuse have you got for not training?