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24 Oct

I love attending parkrun every week, so I’ve decided to set myself a number of parkrun related challenges for the next year. Most of them are teeny tiny goals, but I thought they might add some fun.

parkrun volunteer

  • Achieve my 250 club (17 parkruns to go)
  • Qualify for a cow cowl (I need to do 1 more UK parkrun) Cow cowl
  • Do an international parkrun (this might not happen)
  • Get an overall PB (<23:40)
  • Achieve PBs in 5 locations
  • Do all of the parkruns in Cornwall (Trelissick and the new Eden Project ones to go)
  • Do all of the parkruns in Hampshire (7 to go)
    • Alice Holt – done
    • Andover – done
    • Basingstoke – done
    • Brockenhurst – done
    • Eastleigh – done
    • Fareham – done
    • Havant
    • Lee-on-the-Solent – done
    • Lymington Woodside
    • Medina I.O.W
    • Netley Abbey – done
    • Portsmouth Lakeside
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Rushmoor
    • Southampton – done
    • Southsea
    • Whiteley – done
    • Winchester – done
  • Do other near-by parkruns:
    • Blandford
    • Moors Valley
    • Poole
    • Salisbury
    • Upton House
    • Weymouth
  • Encourage 3 friends to do a parkrun
  • Support my mum to get a parkrun PB

Do you do parkrun? What’s your next parkrun goal?

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6 Responses to “parkrun Challenges”

  1. Wow…love the Parkrun challenges. How do you get a cow cowl??? I’m a bit behind you having done 104 at last count. On a mission to pb and general aim of sub 20 minute 5k. I want a top 3 finish with the dream of a 1st at a Parkrun somewhere. Want to do 20 venues and all the ones in Wales. An international is also a big wish but that will take some planning! Good luck with all your challenges. I took 3 friends last week 😁

  2. Julia Mitchelmore 25/10/2017 at 3:21 pm #

    I’ve been doing my own parkrun challenge this year, going to 17 different events in London (because it’s 2017). It’s been so much fun to visit different places and try the different courses. Love your ideas too!

    • Tamsyn Smith 26/10/2017 at 2:59 pm #

      I like that idea – maybe I should target 18 in 2018 as it’s too late for me to do 17 in 2017. Which parkrun is your favourite so far?

  3. Love a prakrun challenge. Very impressed with how many you have. What do you need to do to get a cow cowl??? I might make that one of my aims but I am a bit behind you (104 parkruns at 10 venues)…my challenges…
    Get a PB…not happened for about 2 years
    Dream of a sub 20…..48 seconds away if I can get a PB
    Get a top 3 finish….obviously will have to find a suitable parkrun
    Get a 1st…..another dream
    Do all the parkruns in Wales….need to start with South Wales tho
    Love the idea of an international one
    Good Luck

    • Tamsyn Smith 26/10/2017 at 2:58 pm #

      I guess that I was just lucky that there was a parkrun near to where I live when I became interested in running.

      There’s a UK parkrun tourists group on Facebook: It’s for anyone who has run 20 or more parkrun events (or those close to that figure). If you join that group, when you’ve done 20 different events, you’ll be given a link to be able to buy a cow cowl. It’s a bit of fun that is entirely unofficial 🙂

      Yours sound like good challenges. This page gives you the fastest times for every UK parkrun: It might help you to see where you’ve got the best chance of a top 3 finish.

      • That’s really useful. I’m going to test the water somewhere close to me next week…a place called maesteg. A top 3 might be possible if I get luck on my side and all factors go my way!!!

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