More exciting kit glimpses from SOAS

6 Feb

The SOAS Racing sewing machines seem to have been working 24/7 to create our 2016 Ambassador kit. I’ve seen so many glimpses of it on Instagram in the last couple of weeks and can’t wait for it to arrive in March.

SOAS beanie 2016

I love this hat. I wore my 2015 hat as often as I could get away with, but this one is gorgeous.

We’ve also been given glimpses of two other pieces of headwear:

SOAS trucker 2016

SOAS visor 2016

My pea-head isn’t made for trucker caps :’-( but I do love visors [and my mum has been able to adjust the previous ones to fit me!] so I’m very excited about this one.

SOAS sports bras 2016

SOAS 2016 sports bras

Woo hoo! Finished crop tops!

SOAS shorts 2016

I rarely wore my 2014 shorts as I felt too self-conscious, but I wore my 2015 shorts a lot and I think these ones will be getting a lot of wear too!

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