What’s the most amazing place you have swum, biked or run (or all three)?

19 Aug

For me it would have to be Japan. I didn’t do a lot of swimming there (I’m not sure that bathing in the onsen [hot springs] counts), but I did plenty of running and cycling.

I travelled there in April with my husband, Stuart and our friend Jez. We spent a few days in Tokyo before travelling to Kanazawa before cycling across the Japanese Alps chasing the cherry blossoms.

It is a truly stunning country with beautiful landscapes, tasty food and friendly people.

Some days were warm, sunny and snow free. This is one of my favourite pics from the holiday. © Jeremy Hollinshead

I was really excited to get started!

Ready to set off from the Shirakawa Go Eco Institute. It was a completely stunning location, but cycling 5km up at 15% incline on an icy road in the dark possibly isn’t be best way to round off your first full day of cycling.

Because we had to carry all of our possessions for over two weeks, I had a limited amount of clothing – 2 SOAS cycling kits, waterproof trousers, jacket, gloves, buff, headband, calf guards, jeans, SOAS hoodie, a couple of t-shirts and a dress. I hadn’t realised that we were going to cycle through the snowy Japanese Alps, so ended up wearing almost everything for a couple of days!

Outside a traditional ryokan before the start of a day’s cycling adventure © Jeremy Hollinshead

Nearing the top of a tough mountain ©Jeremy Hollinshead

Isn’t the scenery stunning? ©Jeremy Hollinshead

Out for a little walk under the sakura ©Jeremy Hollinshead

A little pose on our arrival at the Sanzen-In temple © Jeremy Hollinshead

Carb-loading with yams at Kanazawa Castle

The snow made us a little bit sunburnt!

With our running tour guide, Su-San, in Tokyo

Running by the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Cycling in Gokayama ©Jeremy Hollinshead

Cycling through a traditional village

Appreciating the stunning foliage ©Jeremy Hollinshead

There are lots of other places that I love, but if I can only choose one country (I can’t even narrow it down to a prefecture, let alone a city), it would have to be Japan. I’d never done a cycling holiday before, but I loved the freedom that it gave us, as well as the opportunity to experience life off the beaten track.

Where’s the most amazing place that you swum/cycled/run?

3 Responses to “What’s the most amazing place you have swum, biked or run (or all three)?”

  1. Kalliopi Sakellariou 19/08/2015 at 11:36 pm #

    My country is full of magical places to swim run and cycle !Exotic Greece!But Japan is a must do travel!I am so jealous of you!By the way you look amazing!

    • tamsynsmith 23/08/2015 at 8:24 pm #

      I’ve never been to Greece 😦 My colleague’s husband is Greek, so they spend every summer there. Their photos look amazing. 🙂

  2. Andrea Hipps 21/08/2015 at 11:22 am #

    Fantastic pictures!

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