25 Mar

Here is today’s IDEAfit photo a day image:

Goal for 2014 - find an awesome brand to work with - done!

Goal for 2014 – find an awesome brand to work with – done!

The theme was goal. In January, I decided that I wanted to find an amazing brand to work with and was utterly astounded to find that I had been chosen to be a brand ambassador for SOAS. Today, I received a fantastic parcel of kit from them. It’s so awesome that it’s going to get its own post!!!

After the negativity of yesterday’s post, I was interested to read this article: Train to recover – Don’t recover to train. I’m interested in the idea of training opportunistically (i.e. doing the right workout for how I’m feeling, rather than because that’s what my training schedule says). I think that to often, my training schedule is focused on quantity rather than quality. As my University gym membership now includes free use of the running track, I’m hoping to get down there and do some quality speedwork (as soon as I’ve recovered from Brighton).

Although it was difficult to get up and get to the track this morning (apologies to Coach Ant for being late), it actually turned out to be a really motivational training session. We did 4×3 minutes and I managed to exceed my goal for each of those. I was aiming to do 596m and managed to get to between 620 and 670m for each rep. I also managed to get off to a really good start for each of the reps. I absolutely love the first 200m of each lap as I really love the feeling of sprinting. For nearly a minute I was able to keep up with the boys (who are better at pacing themselves!)

This evening I received a lovely motivational email from my coach, which has helped me to feel more positive about Brighton Marathon. Chrissie Wellington’s autobiography has made me realise that very few people experience perfect training, but that doesn’t mean that a race won’t go well. I’m not expecting a miracle, but as long as some spectators cheer me on, I’ll be OK πŸ™‚ I’m then going to give myself a little break before I return to Run Camp with the aim of getting faster again.

A friend of mine shared the following information on Facebook today, so I decided to respond to it:

OWS research

OWS research

My husband has had his place confirmed and I’m hoping to hear back from them tomorrow.

I’ve also realised that yet another Tuesday has gone by where I’ve failed to #TWIET (Tweet What I Eat Tuesday). I’m being kind to myself this week and in the run up to Brighton Marathon, so I’m hoping to have a little more time at home, which will mean that I catch up with housework, emails and blogposts (or that’s the plan). Next week I want to resume #TWIET and also my Friday guest blog post – I’ve got a really amazing interview that I’m excited about sharing with you πŸ™‚

Have you ever felt demotivated by your training? How did you pick yourself up and regain your love for the sport?

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  1. Sandra 26/03/2014 at 2:29 pm #

    Wow. Great post! :-).

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