I’ve seen the future (OK, I’ve seen what I’ll be wearing in the future!)

17 Jan

It’s been another hectic day, although I managed to leave after just 11 hours in the office today. This meant that yet again I’ve missed Friday evening swimming, although I’m so tired that I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed it anyway. Overall, it’s been a rest day (part from six miles on my bike as my daily commute). Anyway, all of this means that I’ve had time to sit down and read my email as well as waste some time online.

I’d like to thank Diana from local rivals Totton Running Club for sharing the following link on Facebook: Running: The Top five reasons to keep going. It’s take from The Guardian, so each point is corroborated by research. It’s also worth reading the comments as some interesting points are raised, although (unsurprisingly) I disagree strongly with the chap who argues that running in parks ‘ruins the ethos’!

SOAS Racing shared some photos of the exclusive Team SOAS kit on Facebook today

Sneak peeks at the Team SOAS kit

Sneak peeks at the Team SOAS kit


It looks awesome, and just the thought of it is enough to remind me to eat healthily!

After the New Forest Marathon in September 2013, I said that I didn’t want to do an autumn marathon again. I don’t like having to do long runs in the heat of summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot weather and would certainly appreciate some sunshine right now, but my body just isn’t made to run in the sun and it’s not fair on other people if I collapse… but… (you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?)… I received this in my mailbox today:

Eden Marathon

Eden Marathon

It’s only a month after my half iron distance tri and two weeks after an Olympic distance tri, but it’s at home in Cornwall, and I’d really like to do it. It’s unlikely to be a PB course and it may be more sensible to go for the half, but I’m seriously tempted!

This weekend, I’ve got my first race of the year: Stubbington 10k. Last year, my running was going really badly and I only managed to do it in 55:14, whereas in 2012 I did it in 53:03. My 10k PB is 51:06, so I’d love to get close to that or at least achieve a course PB.

Next weekend, I’ve got my first long bike ride of the year. I can’t remember the last time I went out on my road bike, so I hope I haven’t forgotten how to ride it. I’m going with a group of friends, so it should be good fun… although I sometimes worry that it will be like this:

“I’m not riding with girls – they are slow and lack bike handling skills and heaven forbid one of them gets a flat!” Technically, I know how to repair a puncture, but so far I’ve never had to do it (I got one on my triathlon holiday, but was so cold that I stood by looking feeble whilst Alan fixed it for me), and as for my speed and bike handling skills, well, I needed to save some challenges for 2014 😉

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