Swimming update

27 Sep

I’ve managed to haul myself out of bed for the last two Tuesday mornings at 5:30am to go swimming in the lake, but it’s clear that summer is over as the water was freezing cold. I was so grateful that I bought myself a new hat in London:

thermal skull cap

It’s lovely and cosy, but I’m not sure I like the crackling sound as the water touches the merino wool!

The pictures below make the lake seem picturesque, but these were taken after my last swim, when the fog/mist had started to clear. There were lots of swans in the lake as well as a few Canada geese and huge amounts of natural debris 😦 It’s quite unnerving to suddenly find a large leaf in front of your face!!!

IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1430 IMG_1431

I also came to the end of my planned swimming lessons… or so I thought. I was intending to join swimfit, but after discussing it with Chris, my swimming instructor, I’ve signed up for one more set of swimming lessons. We’ve spent a lot of time on butterfly recently, and I can now do vaguely recognisable tumble turns , but I’ve still not learned how to dive in, so that’s another goal, and hopefully I’ll continue to build on my front crawl.

I need to carefully decide what my long-term strategy will be. I’ve been dithering about joining a tri club, as it seems like an expensive option and there are quite a few choices, including:

I think I’m going to reassess where I am in October after I’ve done both of my triathlons.

My swimming goal for this year was to do an 800m swim, so I’ve smashed that goal. My goal for 2014 is to do a 1600m race. I’ve managed to swim that far in training, so I’ll have to find an event to do. Depending on the cost and my commitments, I might go for something like the Great London Swim, the Windsor swim or the Dorney Lake Women Only swim. Does anyone have any UK-based recommendations (preferably in the South!)


2 Responses to “Swimming update”

  1. rikkiprince 27/09/2013 at 2:36 pm #

    Is that a merino wool swimming cap? Or do you wear a cap over the top?

    • tamsynsmith 27/09/2013 at 4:11 pm #

      LOL! It’s a 3mm Yamamoto neoprene skull cap that has a New Zealand Merino wool lining for extra insulation (i.e. It’s a proper neoprene swimming hat, not a crazy woolly hat!!!)

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